Delicious new Doner Kebab Bites with a Twist
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Doner Deli, one of the country’s leading providers of wholesome German Doner Kebab, has launched a new menu with a great variety of delicious bites with a twist.

Once again, the team behind Doner Deli shows that wholesome German street food is much more than just a label or classification. It’s a passion that starts with sourcing the right ingredients, which are all natural, ranging from 100% premium halal meat and authentic German pita bread, to locally produced vegetables, making each dish a feast of flavours.

Alongside Doner Deli’s bestseller, the classic doner kebab sandwich, and its wrap version, the classic durum, the menu offers various vegetarian alternatives, while meat lovers will get their extra share of juicy meat shavings with the brand’s “Monster” dishes. Moreover, cheese lovers will find special feta cheese editions, and those who like it hot can enjoy the spicy options with jalapeños.

On top of that, customers are invited to choose from a range of “Deli Specials”, for example “Doner over Rice”, “Kapsalon”, which combines a little bit of everything, and the “Slider Trio” with veal doner, chicken doner and falafel. In addition, the menu offers several tasty doner salads and side dishes, such as the traditional German potato salad, as well as light snacks and meals for children.

Last but not least, Doner Deli has added a new selection of different luscious desserts and refreshing milk shakes to the menu, including the “Mango Strawberry Fusion”, as well as the popular Oreo and classic strawberry shake, turning every Doner Deli meal into a versatile taste experience for all ages. German food in Dubai